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3FireMusic are world leaders in multi-track music playback technology. Technology which is used to make apps for Apple and Android mobile devices.

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3Fire advises clients on everything from App design and functionality to the various release options and business models available. And once the App is released 3Fire can provide the infrastructure that Music Apps need.

Our services include:

  • Building Multi-track Apps to client specification for iOS and Android
  • Creating upgrades and additional features to ensure our clients' Apps are always at the cutting edge
  • Advising on various models for publishing and monetising Music Apps
  • Hosting Apps via our Apple and Google Developer Accounts
  • Encoding Music Files so that they talk to the App software
  • Supplying Music Content
  • Procuring Music Licences
  • Obtaining Apple and Google approval for release in the App Store and Google Play Store
  • Uploading content to the App Store and Google Play Store
  • Hosting Content on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • User Support
  • Operating System Compatibility (when Apple or Google update their operating systems, the App still works)
  • Push Notifications

App Features


At the heart of 3Fire Apps is multi-track playback. The user can listen and play back the separate parts in any permutation – including isolating their own part for initial learning. Then there are all kinds of options - e.g. a bass player might want to practice with just the drums. But the user’s final goal would probably be to mute his/her own part and play along with all the other instruments.

To complement the core Multi-track functionality, further features developed by 3Fire include:

  • SOLO

    A shortcut to isolating any one part.

  • LOOP

    Tap the Loop button at any point in the song and the section which is playing will repeat until Loop is tapped again.


    Slow down or speed up the tempo without changing pitch.


    Instantly return the tempo and key to the original settings


    Instantly reset all parts to full volume


    Scroll on screen as the song progresses.


    Replace any of the parts with your own performance and save as a new recording (without losing the original). Any number of the parts can be replaced so it is possible to make a completely new recording.


    Instantly jump to any song section (verse, bridge, chorus etc.)


    Change key.

Ground Breaking Apps For Everyone

The R&D behind 3Fire Apps is not purely technical. Research starts with users – musicians, music teachers and students, choir people, anyone who wants to play or sing. We’ve looked at what people want, even non-musicians who just want to delve a little deeper into how their favourite music is put together.

The result of this research is a ground-breaking engine - a multi-track core wrapped in a host of brilliant features. 3Fire engines can power all kinds of music apps across all genres. Simple and fun to use or a bit more techy for the professional.

Winner of BETT Award 2019 – Best Educational App for Play Trinity Rock & Pop

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Winner of 2017 Fall Awards - Best New Mobile App for Play Trinity Rock & Pop

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The Session Player

With a library of over 1000 multi-track recordings, the Session Player is 3Fire's flagship App. Suitable for professionals and higher education music students.

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3FireMusic is the brain child of producer, songwriter and music teacher Mark Flannery. Mark learnt his trade as an engineer working for legendary producer Mutt Lange. Projects include albums for U2, Depeche Mode, Boy George, Yes, Will Smith and Black Sabbath.

He holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Further and Higher Music Education and was a founding lecturer at The British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) which is now Europe’s largest popular music college. Mark wrote the BIMM song writing course which is still used today.

In his teaching role, Mark made a simple but important observation; students learn more quickly when playing as part of a band. Learning in isolation is less effective and the student is more likely to lapse. But unless you are a music professional, you can’t practice with a band every day.

So Mark set up 3FireMusic with the aim of making Apps that simulate playing in a band. Conceived as a learning resource, 3Fire technology is now being applied across an ever-widening spectrum including Apps for choirs, children and anyone who just enjoys playing or singing.